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Comprehensive Business Support

Research & Development Tax Credits, Funding, Grant Applications, Technical Reports - Professional Judgements - Standard Operating Procedures

Speaking your language

We’ll offer you the support of our highly skilled team of business experts. Among these skills are A fresh look at all your technical and back-office functionality

  • Technical report writing
  • Grant applications
  • Research and Development (R&D) tax credit applications

These skills enable us to reduce the time it takes to compile and enhance your submissions. With our decades of combined industry experience, we understand the science, we know your processes, and we speak your language.

The result? Your submissions will be ‘best in class’.

Ensuring accurate, verified, professionally presented information

More than this, we’re ‘discipline experts’. We’ll deliver invaluable professional opinions on your due diligence, project scoping projects and commercial investigations. We’ll undertake submissions peer review projects at the pre-submission stage.

We also provide a technical proofreading service as well as access to specialist copywriters for food the businesses.

Our breadth of skills includes accounting, compliance, and legal teams. We ensure that you receive accurate, verified, professionally ascertained information.

We distil complex multi-phase projects into manageable components. This enables external teams without visibility to easily understand your challenges, your discoveries and your applications. They will enjoy a clear view of your activities, giving you the best possible chance of receiving funding and support.

Satisfying the demand for visibility, due diligence and compliance

Our services are in high demand. Businesses and organisations are attracted by our experience of working with high-level information and converting it into relevant content. We adapt this content such that it’s suited to your target audience.

Today, visibility, due diligence and compliance are in demand like never before. Equally, there will be ever-increasing demands on your team to convey information and data effectively. Consequently, subject-specific experts are vital for communicating effectively and succinctly

  • Government reports
  • Internal documents
  • Training and process control documentation

Thorough and accurate documentation

Ensuring accuracy in your document is essential.  We consider every angle - who requested the material; who is the end-user/reader; what third party eyes will be reviewing it.

We provide expert opinion, including for legal defence. Unlike general accountancy firms, we are much more than mere technical or compliance report writers. We are the food industry discipline experts.

We write documents that are useful to the user. To achieve this, we provide complementary or parallel data. At every stage, we offer value. Not only do we diagnose issues, but we also apply corrective actions in and make sure they’re effective in future.

We scope out, draft and submit technically robust proposals and support you with budgeting. This covers the purpose, planned phases, tasks or methods that you need to undertake. We also help to project anticipated results and benefits.

Operational support

On the operational side, we help with every aspect of your operation. Thus might include -

  • The framework
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Packaging
  • Product specification
  • Processes
  • Detailed data capture
  • Processing reports
  • Lean manufacturing support to include drafting design and review of Standard Operation Procedures

We’ll also help you to increase process consistency, reduce variability, and enhance quality and replicability.