united plates teamwork - An Orchestra of Professional Expertise

How we work

An Orchestra of Professional Expertise

Key to the way we approach our projects is the fundamental principle of adaptability. No two food or agri-food projects are the same. No two clients are the same – either in terms of their needs or their challenges. The unique strength of the United Plates offering lies in our extraordinary ability to adapt to every client and every project.

Our team comprises an array of experts covering every imaginable aspect of the food sector. Whatever the demands of your project or your challenge, we will put together the right team to deliver the right solution.

Each of our team members can work solo or as part of a United Plates team, or as part of your team. Whatever the scenario, they will bring their dedication, skill and know-how to ensure that your project is delivered on time.

We provide the full spectrum of multi-disciplinary experience and expertise in a one-stop-shop. One invoice  - many experiences, skills, brains and hands!

Here are many ways in which we help. Support with

  • Digitalisation, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. You’ve heard of these innovations, feel they might benefit your organisation but don’t know how or when you should be investigating.
  • Lean, agile scaling - Your team is at capacity. You need expertise to scale quickly and in a lean and agile manner. Or maybe you don’t have the resources to take advantage of other business-enhancing projects or changing environments.
  • Finding key staff - a risky, time-consuming and costly practice. Perhaps you lack in-house recruitment or training resources related to your specialised discipline?
  • Employee focus. Due to rapid growth, you might have too many people committed on new projects and acquisitions, resulting in your day-to-day activities lose traction.
  • Perhaps you’ve identified needs for your team.
  • Strategy planning. Do you need a cost-efficient, calculated, planned strategy to adopt and embed expertise?
  • Exciting opportunities. Perhaps your organisation sees an incredible opportunity beyond current comprehension and competencies. The business win could be vast – but there are hurdles to overcome – both psychological and practical - fear, inertia, procrastination, internal buy-in, lack of strategy, know-how or expertise. You need to act quickly before competitors move into the same space.
  • Helping senior management to better understand granular (production/operational) insights and deliver business improvements.
  • With identifying, reducing or eliminating non-value activity, for which the end customer is not willing to pay.
  • Maximising equipment uptime - using proven methodologies and our multisector experience we’ll also reduce time to market and optimise inventory levels.
  • Lean manufacturing - using Value Stream Mapping Six Sigma, Kaizen.
  • Navigating through key information and delivering it through to conclusion.
  • Engaging with staff on key issues. We understand staff issues and well versed in resolving all kinds of challenges that arise.
  • Resolving challenges – either solo or as part of complex teams. We’re familiar with different, proven fixes. We approach challenges from experience and knowledge rather than theory.
  • Designing, recommending and implementing solutions. We occupy a uniquely different space from other service providers.
  • Engaging with your team and your challenge faster,
  • Bespoke research, operations, training and development.

We take pride in helping clients to deliver, learn, develop and grow.

Our work is not characterised by merely transactional or task-based problem-solving. It is also transformational at a learning and developmental level. This is a by-product of our team’s expertise and approach to their work.