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Bakery research & development consultancy

Baking industry partners – developing and supporting better baking for all

TV programmes such as The Great British Bake Off have awakened an international awareness of all things baking. Consumers are increasingly demanding high standards of baked food. Healthier, better tasting and higher-value baked goods are now at a premium. Our team of advisors provide support, guidance and mentoring for research and development projects across the baking sector.

The science of baking

Behind our baking expertise is a profound knowledge of the science of baking. Along with the enormous breadth of their culinary skills, our advisors are ideally qualified to offer sound, impartial advice and support to manufacturers and researchers in the baking sector. Their role is to support innovation, baking performance and product efficiency in bread, cakes, biscuits and snacks.

Our team of baking experts includes world-class, internationally recognised Artisan Bakers, renowned for their ability to create bespoke baking pieces.

Our skills, expertise and understanding of the baking sector

Our team of consultants come from a uniquely broad background and possess the skills and experience to advise on any baking project. They bring

  • Unrivalled insight into consumer and customer expectations and experiences
  • Profound knowledge of the science of baking
  • An understanding of baking ingredients and raw materials and how they behave under varying conditions
  • Expertise in areas such as flour specifications, dough rheology, bakery applications, bread improvers, enzymes, correctors and how inclusions in bakery products affect various bakery products
  • Experience and understanding of production processes and efficiency
  • R&D expertise in design, prototype and scale-up of new concepts
  • Exceptional technical baking skills
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing/high volume processes
  • Experience in management roles in food-related companies
  • Academic credentials – the ability to develop science-based fixes
  • Experience of training and advising staff in new advances and processes
  • Cereal Science and Technical Formulation expertise
  • Excellent communication skills, dedication and passion for all things baking
  • Large scale commercial baking skills, including with fast food companies, frozen products, production line experience, designing standard operating procedures, designing recipes, digital record-keeping

Our baking advisors are passionate, positive and enthusiastic problem solvers, used to dealing with multiple challenging briefs. They are IT and science-literate - good at calculations and strong on manufacturing processes and equipment.

Our advisors are highly qualified academically and technically and are used to working in  development teams. They are experienced at bringing concepts from the brief project stage right through to bench trials. They deal with prototypes, line trials, pre-production and first production runs.

The voice of reason

When it comes to feasibility, they are the voice of reason. If a test baker says a trial is a failure, and the substance, material or formula is unsuitable, then suppliers and commercial teams listen to what they say and pay attention to their recommended next steps.

Apart from bread, our baking advisors have vast experience in

  • Confectionery
  • Biscuits
  • Pastry
  • Cakes
  • Puff pastry
  • Pizza
  • Sweets
  • Snacks, such as potato crisps
  • Health products
  • Ambient products
  • Ice cream
  • Gluten-free reformulation
united plates bakery research development consultancy dublin


United Plates Baking consultants are positive and passionate advocates for all things baking. They relish innovation – exploring new techniques, ingredients and processes.

They are always eager to develop and share ideas for ‘the next big thing’.