united plates development chefs outstanding culinary skills dublin

Development Chefs

Outstanding skill and expertise across the culinary spectrum

Key to our pool of mentoring experts are our development Chefs. Whatever the nature of your food project, you’ll almost certainly need to call upon the expert guidance of these expert individuals – Chefs who have served their time in the industry and posses unrivalled knowledge of every aspect of the culinary sector. Their invaluable know-how, connections and enthusiasm are unrivalled – their familiarity with culinary challenges second-to-none.

In short, our development Chefs are the knowledge-providers – the problem-fixers from the coalface. These are the key members of the United Plates advisory team, who will plug the gaps and join the dots.

Who we help – which of these is you?

Our Development Chefs work enthusiastically at all levels of the culinary sector –

  • At a national / enterprise level
  • Supporting start-ups
  • Advising catering management organisations
  • Helping the food processing sector
  • Consulting with supermarkets
  • Offering guidance to own brands, restaurant concepts or branded restaurants

A United Plates Development Chef brings you expertise like no other. Their extraordinary skills and knowledge come to you directly from the culinary ‘coalface’.

A United Plates Chef uses their extensive experience across the entire culinary spectrum - from devising high-end premiere concepts, based on our expertise in, Michelin standard restaurants, through to developing new ready meals.

A United Plates Development Chef comes to you with

  • Experience as a culinary professional Chef and of executive / managerial roles
  • Skill
  • Professionalism
  • Knowledge of technical processes
  • Unparalleled understanding of
    • Equipment
    • Processing
    • Manufacturing
    • Working with large, complex teams
    • Challenging deadlines
  • Extraordinary sensory expertise
  • The ability to communicate with food technicians and process technologists
  • A willingness to advance their knowledge into non-culinary/restaurant areas - pushing the knowledge envelope.
  • Digital expertise
  • An understanding of HACCP/ British Retail Consortium/ BRCGS principles
  • Knowledge and experience of scale-up factory recipe development
  • An appreciation of how logistics, production, supply chains, seasonality and distribution affect your operation
  • An almost insatiable appetite to develop, innovate and push boundaries - always respecting the demands and needs of the business

Your Development Chef will add value by bringing together new ideas that haven’t yet occurred to your internal team.

You’ll benefit from their proven expertise at developing culinary ideas, operations and processes.  And not only at restaurant level – also with airlines, hotels and cruise ships.

Your Development Chef can advise on

  • Raw ingredients and their procurement
  • Nutrition
  • Textures and flavours – balancing within and between the two – across numerous culinary styles.
  • Portion sizes
  • Consumer insights
  • New dish creation and product development
  • Pre-prepared meals/ food products.
  • Raw material substitution
  • Running sensory evaluations
  • Quality control
  • Training
  • Visual standards
  • Improving culinary processes
  • Hygiene and health and safety care
  • Sterilisation and preservation


united plates development chefs outstanding culinary skills Dublin


You’ll find you United Plates Development Chef is a positive and passionate advocate for culinary innovation – always eager to develop and share ideas for ‘the next big thing’.

They have the expertise to create, prepare and replicate food to exacting professional standards.

In short, your United Plates Development Chef will bring clear thinking, extraordinary expertise, along with excellent and appropriate communication skills.