A fresh look at all your technical and back-office functionality dublin ireland

Back Office Support

A fresh look at all your technical and back-office functionality

The United Plates team of  experts enjoys an excellent track record in

  • Project Management
  • Compliance
  • Records
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Purchasing
  • Strategy
  • Negotiation

We take a fresh look at your regulatory workload and find ways of streamlining it. We analyse and recommend ways of improving your processes. We train your sales, marketing, procurement and operational teams to understand better your production processes – all of which will enhance your company's bottom line.

We help transform your business strategy into production line results, enabling you to achieve your goals quickly and smoothly. We develop ways of feeding back data, allowing your back office staff to generate enhanced revenue opportunities.

Our Services include

  • Accounting support
  • R&D tax credit applications
  • Grant application service
  • Report writing

The United Plates specialist team gives you straightforward access to an integrated, highly valuable and agile talent pool. Our technical support and compliance insights will ensure you avoid fines, penalties or negative PR due to non-conformances.

We provide accurate, relevant information in all areas of processing, limitations, industry standards and proposed project deliverables. Our IT expertise enables us to advise, not only on the right systems for the project but also on how long they take to acquire, build, validate and optimise. Your project timelines will have greater certainty and faster bedding in periods - minimising errors and downtime.

The United Plates team has extensive operational experience in the fields of R&D Tax Credits, grant applications and resourcing. Our expertise is applicable in a wide range of disciplines including project implementation, strategic lean manufacturing implementation and commercial strategy. With our support, you'll never be restricted by your current situation or apparent lack of resources. We'll train, mentor and support in goal achievement and support creative problem-solving rapidly and effectively.ecially helpful when bringing together cross-functional teams.

Expertise and skills

These are just some of the skills and area of expertise that a United Plates team will bring to your food project

  • Extensive Supply Chain Management expertise
  • Expertise in planning, inventory and capacity management
  • Warehouse and material management
  • Forecasting, customer replenishment planning, implementation, KPI development
  • Unique problem-solving expertise, based on a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • Production optimisation
  • Data excellence from planning to closure
  • Effective tracking and reporting of processing and material movements through the food supply chains
  • Manufacturing performance improvements through operational performance and production output
  • Raw material integrity
  • Document standardisation
  • Quality assurance
  • Due diligence and legal compliance standards
  • Proven relevant expertise in designing and maintaining a variety of cross-functional reports
  • Skill in maintaining appropriate resources for multiple, complex overlapping projects in addition to new product set up requirements.

Our experience in IT, supply chain and finance allows us to speak the same language as each individual department. This proves especially helpful when bringing together cross-functional teams.

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